Smitten with Mittens!

I like holding hands and I like being warm.. My Mitten for those who are Smitten make that possible.. I created the Shareable Mitten in 1998 while going to art school in Boston, being young and naive I never got a copyright for the name of my product (Smitten Mitten) or patented my creation and now copies of my mitten can be found all over the internet (But none are as nice as mine!)! I was born and raised in sunny Orlando, Florida and as much as I liked the changing of the leaves and the first snow fall; I HATED the cold. Trying to hold hands with gloves was weird, and jacket pockets just arent made for two, hence, the birth of the Smitten!

After the first Smitten was created for personal use, the entrepreneurial spark burned inside me. I wanted to Make and Sell Smittens!! The problem was, I didn't know how!

Then I found ETSY! I opened a "Shop" and my first sale was the best feeling! Someone PAID for Something I MADE!! Since the beginning the Smitten "process" has gone through a number of changes to be better and more efficient! Now I have wholesale orders to the UK, Sweden and Italy! Something I made has travelled the world! It's still a great feeling and I am very appreciative for each and every order!

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