Join our Gallery of Smitten Couples! 

We love seeing our Couples Mittens in Action!! Send in pictures of you and your loved one feeling smitten and sharing your mitten! Spread the love and share your glove!

We already knew this couple was smitten!! But don't they look great sharing their mitten!!?

Dublin Ireland is Feeling Smitten!!

This Cool Couple is keeping warm and sharing their mitten on their honeymoon in Greenland!

Central Park in New York is a great place to show you're in love and share your glove!

This adorable couple is trying on their new Shareable mitten!! I think they are Smitten!

Copenhagen Denmark is Smitten!!

This adorable couple used their Couples Mitten for their Engagement photo shoot!! Congradulations to the happy couple!

Detroit Michigan is feeling Smitten!!

If your feeling Smitten, share your mitten! This cute couple from Budapest loves their couples glove! It's great for walking around the city and holding hands in winter!

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